Earth Day & The Power of One

Each year our family takes time to celebrate Earth Day by spending some quality time outdoors, whether it’s in our garden, on a hike, or participating in a beach clean up, it's a special day of gratitude for our family. This year while researching ideas for family Earth Day activities, I came across an article about the history of Earth Day. The day was started in 1969 by a senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson. He got the idea to create a day to protect and preserve “Mother Earth” after reading about a student-led anti-war protest. On April 22nd 1970 the modern environmental movement was launched. Today Earth Day is the largest civic day of observance with over 1 billion people and 190 countries participating.


After reading this article I really started to think about the difference one person can make. There are times while separating my recycling or choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products that I get the sense that my small acts don’t make much of a difference. With so much negativity going on in the world each day, it can be easy to get caught up in the feeling that we are not doing enough. But learning about Gaylord Nelson, or thinking about people like Greta Thurnberg, reminds me that even the smallest acts carry with it an energetic vibration that has the potential to make a huge impact. 


Each day, Jose and I work hard to make mindful decisions about how we treat and interact with our family, our community, and our clients. We understand that the actions we take do not go unnoticed by the people around us and that is why we choose to cultivate kindness, love, and compassion in our lives and work. When we choose to spread positivity in small ways we are greatly rewarded by the relationships that we nurture. Whether it’s recycling all of our plastics, gardening with our children, calling a friend in need, or diligently working with our clients to help them achieve all of their real estate goals, we are committed to doing the best we can in all we do. We know that small acts of positivity planted and cultivated over time yields a plentiful bounty of goodness and love everywhere we go. 

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