Summer in South City

Ah, the nostalgic memories of my school days leading up to summer vacation still linger in my mind. I envisioned sun-drenched beach days with friends and long summer evenings cruising on my bike through the neighborhood. However, the reality often greeted me with chilly winds and the need for winter coats and scratchy sweaters. South City summers were notorious for their cold and foggy nature. While the weather has warmed up a bit since my childhood, it can still be a challenge to feel the true essence of summertime. Our summer heat typically arrives around mid-September, but fear not! There are plenty of local activities that can still infuse the season with joy and warmth.

One activity that my kids and I have been relishing is spending time at the Orange Park pool. We make it a habit to visit twice a week, indulging in the warm waters, splashing around, and perfecting our back floats. It's amazing how a little pool time can truly evoke a sense of fun and relaxation.

Another delightful experience is our Saturday visits to the Orange Park farmer's market. Alongside the delicious food and mouthwatering popcorn, we always bump into a few familiar neighbors and numerous locals. The feeling of community is simply uplifting and heartwarming.

And let's not forget the thrill of hunting down Mr. Softee! This one is an absolute favorite for my kids. By checking out the Mr. Softee app, we can easily locate where they are and treat ourselves to some delectable summertime soft-serve ice cream.

Surprisingly, we've also discovered the joy of heading to the beach, even on those foggy days. Armed with coats, blankets, and snacks, we enjoy the invigorating experience of a cool beach day. It's astonishing how such moments can be simultaneously exhilarating and relaxing.

So, our summer advice thus far is to embrace the outdoors despite the cool weather, relish in the fresh air, spend time with your neighbors, and explore community hotspots like the pool and library. We would be thrilled to see you around, enjoying the treasures our wonderful community has to offer.

Have a great South City Summer!

~The Valles

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